Hemi - WTF #OneTake

by Hemi

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This is a live recording, all in one take!


Yo…what the fuck?!/
Are we alive, by like, luck or what?!/
I can barely tell what is what.../
WORLDSTAR! Fuck em up!/
Lotta fights and y’all love the stuff/
Betchu share it bout once a month/
Shit twice a day if it’s a sucker punch/
One more question…what fuck is Trump?!/
Hillary Clinton, how awkward it gets/
Says she likes hot sauce and all of that shit/
But where did she say it!? The Breakfast Club?!/
Charlamagne, oh my God what is this?!//
I can not even be part of this, pardon me, part of me thinks that we ought to be/
Part of a party who isn’t so partial to bargaining with corporations it’s odd to me/
Am I an oddity?!, obviously, find someone hot as me/
Go head and do it, I’ll wait/
Honestly, I am a novelty/
By the way Trump, do you know what’s at steak?!//
With a sharper image/
You can see the revolution, that I’m defendin’/
Look…I don’t need a leader, I am NOT dependent/
I am out of the box, oh my God I’m gifted//
Let’s change the topic/
Politics are so lame, I got it/
Maybe I should refrain from logic/
Maybe I should be brainless on this/
I’m so fly, but I ain’t a pilot!/
Money hungry, I ate my wallet/
Fuck that shit, kids, stay in college/
The rest of your life you’ll be payin’ on it!// and that’s real!
And be so so in debt/
With no low interest/
You gon’ owe in death/
But no, no, instead/
They gon’ get your kids/
With a Bounty Hunter in the future/
Boba Fett/
I show no respect/
But won’t load a tech/
I’m so open, yes/
And go over heads/
They gon’ show neglect/
But oh well…got em guessin, do you know what’s next?!//
I’m the one/
Next to none/
Better run/
Get a gun/
Light em up/
Shoot it through the air…like I'm Telsa, but/
I’m better than everyone and I’m doin whatchu never done//
But it’s fine/
They wonder why/
I am alive/
Well so do I/
I can not die/
Lotta rappers don’t believe me, tell em all try/
They write rhymes in a bold face font, all lies//
All eyes on me…let’s see, what these lies gon be/
Oh he got a green beard huh…man he tryin too hard…/
Tryin too hard?! There somethin I don’t see?!//
Shit...Man I put in work…now it’s finally time for the world to see/
By the way…see that little share button right there…click that…that’d mean the world to me//
The name is Hemi, I’m erratic/
Rappin like a semi automatic/
Trigger finger bending and it’s rapid/
And the clips are lookin empty/
But it’s simply cinematic//
Holup…silencer gon hit em and then I’ma kill em I swear to God all this shit be gettin tragic/
But I really am the baddest/
Any minute they gon send me to the pen, we lookin at it/
Can’t nobody compete even if they could it wouldn’t matter/
Cause I’d give it up, fuck it, let em have it//
Ain’t nobody like me…but they still fit me/
In these categories lookin REAL iffy/
White rapper! White rapper!/
You sound like Rittz…and Lil Dicky/
That’s cool, that’s fine, I ain’t real picky/
They dope as fuck, and that’s real shit and we/
May share similarities…but what I got under my sleeve, you can’t deal with me!//
I am an alien/
I mainly invaded the planet to save the shit/
I say this shit cause I have faith in it/
I say this cause humans are close to erasing it/
Maybe the civilization is ancient but wait a bit/
Red pill or blue pill…whether or not if you take it you’re still in the Matrix//
I made it look easy/
And really it was, because…I’m already famous, now I’m just waitin right here for y’all to believe me/
In a matter of minutes I’ll have em convinced that they need me/
Cause they need me/
I come in peace…and I have no plans on leaving….yo//
Sick mind with twist, I’m/
In between love and hate, create a thick line/
Everybody hard, but nah, they far from all of that/
They fallin short and fallin’ back but I predict I’m//
The only one who makes it cool to care/
Now ask yourself…what the fuck are you doin here?!/
Are you aware?!/
Humans aren’t human they’re/
An illusion…that’s why all they do is stare//
Deer in the headlights…life on auto pilot/
Puppets to the puppet masters so we’ve all grown quiet//
...Now go buy some clothes that cost a lot, and feel warm/
Then ask yourself…why did you just pay to be a billboard// WTF


released October 3, 2016
Artist: Hemi
Produced By: BigDirty

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Hemi Atlanta, Georgia

Hemi is one half of one of Atlanta's most exciting new duos "ATLien Workshop". He was born in Decatur, GA, yet raised in the outskirts of Atlanta. From his ability to create very catchy and melodic hooks to his rapid fire and charismatic delivery, he is quickly becoming a noticeable threat. Hemi is determined to show everyone why he doesn't consider himself a human..he is simply not of this world. ... more

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